What are the pros and cons of hydrotherapy?


  • The buoyancy in the water helps to reduce stress on joints and soft tissue while exercising, making it easier for those in pain to move better. This means that people can often exercise for longer in the water than they can on dry land.
  • Water also creates resistance to movement, meaning that it can help with getting stronger without the need for weights or resistance bands. Combining the buoyancy with the resistance that the water provides can allow for more comfortable exercise than on dry land.
  • The water provides hydrostatic pressure, which can help to reduce inflammation and also helps in improving joint and muscle position sense, which is often disturbed after an injury or surgery
  • Warmth- the warmth in the water helps to reduce pain levels, relax muscles and increase blood flow to injured tissues, which can promote healing.


  • Some people with more sensitive skin will not tolerate the chemicals in the water as well as others. The hydrotherapy pool at TPC makes use of a UV light system, which reduces the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the water.
  • Risk of drowning
  • Some people can feel very fatigued after being in the water