What happens when I go to my first physiotherapy appointment?

What can I expect on my first visit to The Physiotherapy Centre?

We provide services that are second to none, and are one – if not the – most comprehensive and highest quality in Hampshire and Sussex.  We are based in a building that was built specifically for the provision of physiotherapy services – not a room in a leisure centre or a converted bedroom, shop or barn!

Before you come to the centre for the first time it is worth checking the questions below.  If you have another question that we haven’t answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02392 215 050 or questions@thephysiocentre.co.uk

How do I get to you, and if I drive is there a car park?

  • Public Transport: the number 8 bus goes past in both directions on a regular basis –  the nearest stop is Bushy Mead.
  • Taxi: All the main taxi companies know exactly where we are.
  • Car: We are at 96 London Road in Widley (not the ones in Purbrook, Clanfield or Waterlooville!).  If you are unsure of where we are, then we recommend using Google Maps, and searching for The Physiotherapy Centre, Widley.  We have a free car pack at the front of the Centre.
  • Walking or Cycling: We welcome everyone to take the opportunity to cycle or walk to the centre.  We have a water fountain in our reception area if you need rehydration, also bicycles can be locked at the side of the building (at the owners risk – we cannot be liable for loss or damage).

Do you have wheelchair access?

We have both stairs and a ramp which is suitable for wheelchairs.  Once in the Centre, everything is on the ground floor.

How will I know what to do when I arrive?

We have receptionists and office staff available every day.  They work until 5pm most days, and often late on a Thursday.  If a member of the admin team is not available, then simply take a seat in the waiting area and a member of staff will be with you as soon as they can.

Do you have toilets?

We have gents and ladies toilets, as well as an accessible toilet.

Do you have free wifi?

We have free wifi available for the use by all clients and anyone that accompanies them.

What facilities would I have access to as a client?

We have 6 treatment rooms, with chairs and height adjustable couches.  The rooms allow for private and confidential discussions with your practitioner.  Where it is deemed clinically appropriate we also have a hydrotherapy pool and a purpose built therapy gym.  These areas are for use once you have been assessed by a practitioner and signed off as being fit and able to use them.  The gym and pool are designed for clients that require rehabilitation, and so do not have gym bunnies in them.

After having read all this you still have questions regarding accessing the Centre and the facilities we have available then please do not hesitate to contact me, Patrick, via the form below or emailing me PATRICKSANFORD@THEPHYSIOCENTE.CO.UK